Third Newsletter

The Public Sector in the spotlight of PROGEDI!

The public sector and the management of diversity within it, is an important dimension of the European project PROGEDI (Promoting Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), which aims to promote diversity, equality and social inclusion in the business and public sector in Greece. Diversity can be an asset and a source of innovation in the public sector and appropriate diversity management practices can contribute to efficiency and service for all.

One of the main goals of PROGEDI is to directly benefit public sector executives from central and local government bodies to build their capacity in managing diversity, equality and inclusion, based on the needs of the organizations, with the overall objective of promoting long-term organisational change. As the case is stronger than ever, PROGEDI will contribute to adapt diversity initiatives and to highlight new diversity management practices.

Awards for “European Capitals of Diversity and Inclusion”
An innovative European action to promote diversity in the public sector is the European Commission’s “European Capitals of Diversity and Inclusion” awards. This award is open to all local authorities in the EU that are building equal societies by promoting diversity and inclusion at work. The aim is for cities, regions and towns that contribute to creating an inclusive environment to be recognised and to realise the potential for growth. In this context, the Municipalities of Voio, Elliniko-Argyroupolis, Piraeus and Rhodes received an honorary award, at this year’s award ceremony, for their actions on Diversity and Inclusion.

The European project PROGEDI aims to highlight and strengthen diversity management practices in the public sector, through the innovative actions it prepares. During the project, training tools on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion will be created and training actions will be delivered with the participation of public sector employees. The training material (curricula for public sector) will include case studies relevant to Greece, will use adult education methodologies and experiential techniques, incorporating elements from the baseline assessment on Diversity and Inclusion practices in Greece, carried out during the project. In addition, data highlighted during previous project activities, such as the transnational webinar and the stakeholder consultation workshop on Diversity and Inclusion, will be used.

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