Press Release #2

Dialogue Sessions on Diversity and Inclusion in the Working Environment

IRC Hellas (International Rescue Committee Hellas), KEAN (Cell of Alternative Youth Activities) and Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity, in the framework of the European project PROGEDI (Promoting Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace), are holding online Dialogue Sessions on the management of Diversity in the workplace in Greece.

The sessions are coordinated by IRC Hellas and are organized around the six themes that emerged after the completion of the evaluation survey assessing the needs of SMEs and organizations in Greece in terms of diversity, existing diversity management practices and the general ability to integrate in the Greek work environment.

The themes include Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion, as well as the experiences of different social groups in the workplace, such as LGBTQ+, migrants, women and people with disabilities, while the topic of the last session will be announced soon. The meetings are open to employees of companies and organisations (regardless of their position) in Greece.

After the successful implementation of the first three meetings, the PROGEDI project partners invite you to participate in the next three online sessions (participation in one of them is not binding for the following ones). The discussion on “Gender in the workplace” will take place on 10 November , 11.00-12.30 by the Women’s Centre “Irida” and the discussion on “Disability in the workplace” on 20 November , 14.00-15.30 by the NGO “Me alla matia”. You can register on the following form: Stay tuned for the announcement of the last date!

As for the PROGEDI project, its main objectives are to strengthen the capacity of public sector workers and small and medium-sized enterprises to implement practices of inclusion and respect for diversity. At the same time, to raise awareness and information on all the pillars of Diversity in the working environment. The motivation of businesses and public sector bodies to sign the Diversity Charter in Greece and, finally, the strengthening of national and transnational cooperation on diversity management between private businesses, the public sector and civil society.