Project Partners

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) Hellas started operating in Greece in 2015, on the island of Lesvos, in response to the unprecedented number of refugees arriving on the island at the time. Since the start of programming in Greece, the IRC has provided support and protection services to people living in camps and urban settings. Directly, or in collaboration with partners, we have provided and continue to support shelter, emergency supplies, access to hygiene facilities, vital, reliable, and up-to-date information, protection for people with vulnerabilities, legal assistance, case management, mental health and psychosocial support, as well as employability and entrepreneurship services to refugees, asylum-seekers and other vulnerable individuals in Greece.

Our team of professionals is currently engaged in the city of Athens and on the island of Lesvos, and we also provide nationwide up-to-date reliable information through the Refugee.Info platform. In Lesvos, we provide Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS), while in Athens, we provide a variety of Child Protection, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, Women’s Protection and Empowerment (WPE), Legal Support, Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI), Advocacy and Economic Recovery and Development services.

Cell of Alternative Youth Activities (KEAN) was founded in 2004 in Athens, with the aim to upgrade the lives of young people and vulnerable social groups, combat social exclusion and poverty, promote a better organised society with respect for human rights and the environment and promote the spirit of volunteerism and familiarity with the new technologies. 

KEAN, the representative organisation of the Diversity Charter in Greece, promotes diversity management in the business environment in Greece by providing information regarding the Charter, its implementation, and its commitment, as well as training to employees on issues of diversity, diversity management and integration. 

 Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity is a nonprofit organisation, based in Athens, consisted of people with different origins who work together to promote equal participation in a diverse society, through the empowerment of communities.

We combine action and research with the aim of promoting human rights, equality and diversity and combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination in general. As an organization, we have more than 15 years of experience in social action, sociological and legal research, project management and cultural events. We participate and collaborate with the largest human rights networks in Greece and Europe to claim the rights of vulnerable groups regardless of their origin, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation.