Fourth Newsletter

The PROGEDI’s Baseline Assessment Report on the management of diversity in the labour market in Greece has been published. The Report captures the perspectives of employees and managers on the added value and benefits of diversity and inclusion at work. Furthermore, it documents existing practices aiming at equal treatment, smooth integration and empowerment of diversity, identifies priorities and highlights needs related to HR departments, but also more generally. The survey primarily targeted SMEs, non-profit organizations and a limited number of public institutions.

For the purposes of the survey, an anonymous online questionnaire was created and completed by 70 people (regardless of their position), working in the private and public sector. In addition, 4 focus groups were implemented with a total of 10 participants.

This survey has brought to the surface many important facts about the management of diversity in the various work environments in Greece. One of the interesting findings demonstrates that the majority of employees (96%) consider Diversity and Inclusion to have benefits for a workplace to a fairly high degree. However, through the findings it appears that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the inclusion of all people without discrimination. Furthermore, although more than half of the people consider their work environment to be very receptive to gender and marital status, less than one third rate it as equally receptive to disability/chronic illness/mental illness. The survey was conducted in May and June 2023, and the Baseline Assessment Report was drafted and edited by Generation 2.0 RED with the support of the partners IRC and KEAN.

At the same time, the second stakeholder consultation workshop was held by IRC Hellas (International Rescue Committee), with the participation of public bodies and representatives of Civil Society and companies. The workshop was held in person and focused on the presentation of both the PROGEDI project and the results of the baseline assessment. In addition, issues of inclusion and diversity in the working environment were discussed, as well as the benefits of the inclusion of people from different social groups in the workplace. The third and last consultative workshop will take place in December of 2023.

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